IKKA Amagumo x Sumi Overdye Limited Edition (Slim Straight)

IKKA Amagumo x Sumi Overdye Limited Edition (Slim Straight)

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Tanuki is nothing without its community and this release celebrates the people who support us a daily basis. Robert (who you might know under his superhero alias @indigoopen) has been a long time supporter of us and roughly one year ago, we decided to cook up a little project based on a denim and cut Robert really likes: the amagumo in a slim straight silhouette

The cut : We did release this cut last year for another limited edition and boy was this as successful one. The mid rise with slim straight legs and a shorter inseam for a contemporary ankle cut length has done great and we receive email and DMs about it all the time. SO yes, we hear you, it will become part of our standard cuts but before that happens, here you go, an all American classic suitable for literally all body types, that plays well with boots and sneakers, pairs well with flannels or a hoodie. We pride ourselves to be a company that listens and some of you said you preferred the backpockets to sit a bit higher and as you can see we changed the pattern with a shorter yoke and slightly raised pockets. Because of the special treatment of this fabric, it does run small, so we advice you to size up from your regular tanuki size!

The fabric: s fabric already packs quite a punch at 16.5oz with a lot of slub and the unique black bean dye we used for the weft. To make this more interesting, we wanted to add something to the fabric to make it unique for this collab project. We wanted something that gave the fabric more depth without completely covering the greyish blue of the amagumo dye. Sumi ink does that job brilliantly. It totally changes the warp of the fabric, adds an almost shadow-like effect around all the stitchings, and gives the original weft enough room to shine through.
Overdying denim with Sumi isn't easy, as a matter of fact, you have to find a special factory for that. To make things even more complicated, the process absolutely annihilates the leather patch by turning it into something akin to the dried pig's ears you might feed to your dogs. We wouldn't want to do this for this custom deerskin leather patch with our red little tanuki, we are too fond of the little guy to put him through that. So we make the jeans without the patch, ship them to another factory for the dye and then, finally, ship it back to the first factory to attach the patch. Speaking of the patch, red is a colour that features heavily on Robert's family crest so it was a great way for us to incorporate that into these jeans.

The Name: Speaking of family, these jeans are called the Tanuki-ikka (一家) which stands for your household, your family, but also community. These jeans are massive thank you to all of you. We made 107 pairs and each of them will be hand-numbered by us. Once they're gone, they're gone for good. There will be no restock of these ever; the best things in life are transitory, so make some lovely memories with these please #transformyourbeing