ZBJKT3 15oz "Zetto B" 3rd Type Jacket with Handwarmers

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ZBJKT3 15oz "Zetto B" 3rd Type Jacket with Handwarmers

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Our very own, modern interpretation of the Type 3 jacket with a longer body, slimmer arms, and practical side pockets. Made with ZB fabric, which is a limited run only available at our own web store. Our idea was to take the highly textured ZETTO fabric as a basis and bring something new to the table. This fabric is named "Zetto Benkei". Musashibō Benkei was a legendary and masterful samurai who existed in the 10th century and was tough as nails, yet loyal and admired. There is a great Japanese film from 1912 called "Benkei", check it out if you can find it! The dark beige weft of this fabric is inspired by the color of old canvas paintings of this legendary warrior monk who is one of the most depicted characters in Japanese folklore. Milled on one of the oldest original shuttle loom left in Japan, which can only produce very limited quantities every day, this fabric oozes heritage and character. Texas cotton is used as is the ideal material for the irregular, yet durable surface. Just like Benkei, it is very rough cotton that softens up with wear like few other fibers. The yarns are rope-dyed and dipped in pure indigo seven times and then woven with ultra-low tension which allows the dark-beige weft to shine through the surface. The dark beige weft is cheese-dyed and lends a nice vintage feeling to the denim and has a crisp hand, just like the old canvas. The contrast between the dark blue and the dark beige will become more pronounced when the jeans are worn in. The fades for this one will be very unique and interesting. This jacket will become your loyal companion, just as Benkei was for those who counted on him.