ZT 14oz "Zetto" Tapered Jeans

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A tapered fit with roomy thighs and tapered legs. Made from the Zetto fabric, the denim is based on the texture and dye on the fabric that was created roughly 15 years ago. Today’s Zetto fabric is an improvement over the original fabric. Milled on the original shuttle loom on which that fabric was created and also the only one able to produce it. Therefore, the output of this fabric is extremely limited. Texas cotton is used for the perfect base for the irregular surface. It is also very rough cotton that softens up with wear like few other fibres. The yarns are rope-dyed and are dipped in pure indigo six times, but the dips are done slightly quicker to achieve a marginally lighter blue tone which allows for the weft to shine through at the surface. The yellowish ecru weft lends a nice vintage sepia color and feels to the fabric.