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TYPE II SOGA 15oz Jacket

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Our very own, modern interpretation of the Type 2 jacket with a longer body, slimmer arms, and practical side pockets. The SOGA fabric is a highly textured 15oz denim made from Texas cotton and dyed using a botanical blend of saffron and turmeric.Saffron is incredibly expensive, so turmeric does most of the heavy lifting, with saffron adding subtle orange hues. The yellowish color of this fabric is what gives it its name, Soga-iro, which is a slightly muted yellow color reminiscent of the chrysanthemum flower.

This color was named after Emperor Ninmyo, who had a great fondness for yellow chrysanthemums during the Jowa period (834-848). Soga is a variation of the word 'Jowa' and is sometimes read as 'Jowa-iro.' As mentioned earlier, Emperor Ninmyo loved yellow chrysanthemums and had them planted throughout the palace. He is also said to have incorporated them into his wardrobe.

Weighing in at 15oz, this fabric is suitable for year-round wear. The loose weave and low tension result in a lot of slub and fuzziness, giving it a visual coarseness that might make it resemble canvas fabric at first. This characteristic is due to the botanical dye, which initially makes the denim extra stiff and rigid. However, with some wear, you'll experience the same smooth comfort that our fabrics are renowned for.