KJKT 13oz "Kaze" 3rd Type Jacket with Handwarmers

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KJKT 13oz "Kaze" 3rd Type Jacket with Handwarmers

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A regular straight fit with some room for knees and ankles. The classic style is perfect for those who want a casual look. Perfectly blended of 4 different types of cotton are used: California cotton, Texas cotton and two types of Supima Cotton from New Mexico and Arizona. American cotton, in general, is characterized by being hard, rough and a little oily. It is the perfect cotton for a sturdy selvedge fabric. The weft yarn is reactively dyed light-beige by cheese dyeing. The warp yarn is rope-dyed with pure indigo, sulfur dye, and a green cast indigo dye. The idea was to get those earthy colors mixed in with the indigo to get multiple color layers which will show with wear -- and the blue, green and beige were perfect to represent Earth.