IDR 15oz "IDxID" Regular Straight Jeans

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IDR 15oz "IDxID" Regular Straight Jeans

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A regular straight fit with some room for knees and ankles. The classic style is perfect for those who want a casual look. Made from ID fabric, at 15oz and thanks to its loose weave, the denim is perfect for all seasons, and it is also our fastest fading fabric. The long stabled Texas cotton provides durability, yet is comfortable to wear. The slub yarn also adds the many irregularities this fabric is known for. The slubby knots on the surface will reveal their white core the earliest so you can enjoy the process even after minimal wear. The parts of the fabric we deem good enough to use for our denim rivals the best fabrics in the industry and delights our costumers for both its intense texture and its great fading potential.